Training Testimonials

Kevin Laye

Just a few lines to say how very much I enjoyed your TFT training. Your approach is both fun and professional, your presentation easy, relaxed and elegant. I loved hearing the various stories of your life and was moved by the wonderful experiences you have had helping people using TFT. Having previously been a client I think I am qualified to recommend you as a therapist, a trainer and as a lovely man also.

Feedback for you: The course was brilliant. As you said, you never run courses the same way twice and I appreciated the fluidity of the way you delivered it; it didn’t feel like you were simply delivering the ‘required modules’, but allowing the interest of the group to direct the flow of the training and you added a lot of extras to it which added even more interest and value. I have felt different since the Sunday – A new sense of confidence, assuredness and control. I am determined to change my and other people/animal’s lives using this training. I have been reading a lot of self-development books over the last year or so and have recently discovered and focussed on the quantum physics side, which fascinates me. I’m also a person who wants things to happen right now. I’ve thought about attending courses in psychology and hypnotherapy but this is the first course I have ever felt compelled to go on, and I’m glad I did – it’s all about energy and it affects reality – right now. Other stuff: The weirdest thing I’ve experienced so far is when I was trying a stress/anxiety algorithm on our 12 week old kitten. My husband held her and when I tapped the algorithm, he said he felt very strange; he felt an egg-shaped energy field coming from me and encompassing the kitten and his chest. I didn’t feel it but from his face he was blown away. Madness.

I got a lot from the past weekend and have already had a go at using some of the algorithms with a friend, who is having an interview, as I write, so I cant tell you how successful I was in helping him. But I was amazed at the difference in the way he presented himself after we had done some work, including the I want/can/will/am/ok affirmation. He was a different person.

The course was Awesome, Amazing, Fantastic, …………… I am still fired up and on a high.
Still can’t believe how powerful TFT is. You really are amazing; watching you work was totally awe-inspiring.

Hi Kevin
Yes, I am DEFININATELY coming on the Smoking Course – that’s my feedback!!

Have just worked on a lady who was really stressing about her mother’s pending operation – it was taken away in minutes, just like you said her eyes were scanning for it and she couldn’t find it. I love it!!

Thanks for another fantastic course, loved it! I initially came to learn TFT because I thought I might use it occasionally with clients…I was so wrong…seems to me that it will be helpful in all sessions. Having learnt NLP, TFT and Hypnotherapy it was great to see how you combine all three…this course was exactly what I wanted! Feel more than confident to help clients become non-smokers.

Came last weekend without a great deal of knowledge of what it was about. Friends I have made on the NLP seminars had recommended you and I can now say you and your training are worthy of the high praise you were given.

No complaints about the venue either, it was very nice.

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