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Roger Callahan (Creator of TFT) Said…

“Kevin Laye skillfully inspires numerous people with his enthusiasm and knowledge of TFT. Enthusiasm is an interesting quality; it is a definite sign of LIFE. The literal meaning of the word EN THEOS) means GOD WITHIN. When Kevin teaches TFT, people are inspired and many become vitally enthused with the potential of TFT. One cannot ask more of a teacher. Thank you, Kevin, for all you do.” Roger Callaghan, Creator of Thought Field Therapy
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Dear Kevin, I thought it was about time that I brought you up to date with everything since I saw you last November. I have not had a serious attack of vertigo since, the only time was when I had a tooth abcess. The miraculous thing which I can not believe is the Sciatica. After 16 years I can sit and sleep without pain, if I get a twinge I do the tapping thanks, it’s astonishing. The guilt is filed away as well. I saw my ENT consultant who specialises in facial cancers. I told him that I’d seen you and Paul. He was astonished at the change in me with regard the vertigo and palsy, he also comented on the fact that I’ve lost 2 and a half stone. He was so interested he has bought a copy of the book himself. When yours is published you must let me know as we’d both like a copy. Mary F

Hi Kevin, hope your keeping well. Since seeing you last week I haven’t had any panic attacks, its fantastic. They had started to become such a major part of my life and to have had resolved it is such a huge relief, thank you so much. I’ve also being doing my daily tapping routine and have noticed a real difference, I’m much calmer and focused. Thanks again for everything Eva

Dear Mr Laye Just to say thanks so much for the over –the-phone help with my injection phobia! I am now, bizarrely, almost looking forward to having the injection so I can test the new skills you have just taught me! And as you requested I will certainly be making a donation to a cancer charity; Breakthrough, a breast cancer charity which I support anyway. Once again many thanks Sarah Caspian

Hi Kevin, It was great to see you on Thursday & thanks for your time…lots of food for thought for the journey home!! …Well, what a change. Trevor noticed an immediate change in me as soon as I got in. he even thought I looked younger…so perhaps I should see you monthly & I could stop all those creams etc every morning!!! Seriously though, I have not bitten my fingers since seeing you. Weird but good, I seem to have an almost permanent smile,& best of all…I went to work yesterday & left the tea tray on the side. not emptied & tidied away…I am sure you are not interested in these details but they were so significant to me & as yet today I haven’t even started my usual frenetic rush to get the housework done…but its not even bothering me….so such a huge thank you, I can’t explain how different I feel but no doubt you hear that all the time. So, you may be seeing Trevor before the course in June, as he wants some help with his weight…. Out of interest…are you able to do anything for Arthritis sufferers. A colleague of mine has quite bad Rheumatoid arthritis & the pain is quite demoralising for her, she was fascinated to see the change in me on Friday, at work, so said I would ask… So, from a very much more content & relaxed. Alison

Here is a brief update on my recovery since our first meeting in November. Thanks to you, just two days after your treatment I stopped taking morphine; it was not all smooth sailing for a few weeks, but a big relief in the end. A big change in my life. The pains in my leg and back were “uplifted” as I told you then; gone except for a feeling of pins and needles. For months I have been unable to lie on my back in my bed without pain, it was bliss… M.LeGros (France)

Hi Kevin…just an update on my sensible eating. I have lost nearly four stone and it is getting easier by the day…Speak soon Sylvia Hurt

Hello Kevin I have good news – miraculously I haven’t even thought about ice cream since I saw you! Have been in stores and not wanted to look in the cold cabinets. I’m eating ‘proper’ meals at regular times and in the main a much more varied diet. And I feel SO much better. Mitch

Hi Kevin I came to see you in February and thought I’d drop you a quick note. I promised to let you know if I got the job I was interviewing for straight after our session. Better news actually – I focused on getting the other role I really wanted and as you say positive thinking can work. I got it! Kind regards Jo

Hi Kevin, Thanks for the chapter. I have some great news to report. I haven’t binged on food for 3 weeks now. I don’t even feel like doing it and am looking forward to losing some weight. However, you know that I’m quite sceptical of all of this and am almost expecting the effect to wear off. I sure hope it doesn’t! Thanks again! Neve

Hi Kevin Hope you are well! We in France (Antibes) at the moment and the weather is beautiful, spending all our free time on the beach! I’m pleased to say that I haven’t “binged” or even had the urge to, and I’m fairly complacent when it comes to food now, I don’t have the compulsive urges so that’s all brilliant and I do believe the treatment is working for me. Thank you Nancy B

I wanted to say a really big special thank you for working with me on my driving at the Paul McKenna NLP course. I’m still buzzing from the whole experience and cant wait to do my master practitioners. I feel really privileged to have had Richard Bandler and yourself help me with my fear of driving, and off course the amazing Paul McKenna allowing me to drive his Ferrari!!! I had not driven for 7 years, and had got to a point in my life where I was really struggling with everyday chores with my daughter. I felt trapped and restricted, and most importantly felt like I was letting my daughter down by not being able to take her to some of the places I know she would enjoy. Using public transport hasn’t been fun at all – especially walking my daughter around in the winter months! My husband has now bought me a new car, which I am due to collect tomorrow, and will be my first time in 7 years as a driver! I can’t wait!! Ok, so it’s not a Ferrari, but I’m working on it! Your skill and work on me has changed mine and my family’s life, and has opened up so many other options for me with my work. Thank you so much. Shetal

TFT is absolutely amazing! My back is just about painless, I am loving training again and wait for it 6lbs gone since I saw you a couple of weeks ago….Been playing around with the self testing thing too; it is a great tool. Thank you soooo much Big Hug Mathilda

Myself and my fourteen year old son who has Asperger syndrome came to see kevin in April 07. My son had no confidence whatso ever and very low self esteem. He had tried to commit suicide twice because of this. Because of his Asperger my son showed no affection which for myself a mother was hard. He was also addicted to Dr pepper and his PC. Kevin worked with my son using the TFT therapy and it can only be describe as a miracle. I wish I had met Kevin years ago as the difference is unbelievable,I now get hugs and tells he loves me!…No more Dr pepper, and my son went for an interview at college for a one day a week joinery course and he passed the interview with flying colours and has been offered a place. Now for myself, I had been addicted to chocolate for far too many years, in fact it ruled my life and I would go crazy if I did not have my daily fix; Also I have several broken vertebras in my lower spine and cannot recall the last time I could touch my knees let alone describe my daily pain….That was until kevin worked his magic. I bent down and touched my toes and the pain went on the spot! As for the chocolate … what was all the fuss about? I have never had the desire to put another piece in my mouth, and have lost a lot weight and also do not feel tired and snappy any more. Thank you Kevin so much, you changed our lives. To anybody out there thinking about using Kevin my advise is don’t think do it!!!! Julie

Just a quickie to let you know that im still smiling and that the frown has gone. Thank you so very much for helping me “tap ” into a new way of life. I have given your details to quite a few people so hopefully you should be hearing more and more Northern Ireland accents in your office soon. I have also been discussing your techniques with some of the BBC folk so you might just be getting a call. Kind Regards and Many many thanks again, Alan & Clare

Dear Kevin I do hope this message finds you well, thank you so much for our last meeting. I really did find it most beneficial, my nails are beginning to take on a life of their own now. I even painted them for the first time in years. Thank you very much Kevin Katie Saker

Prior to the use of NLP/TFT and hypnosis I am 36 years old and have what could be deemed in some people’s mind a disability, I have short arms similar to the old thalidomide type impairment. I didn’t meet anyone with a similar impairment until I was 28, purely as there are so few and because much of my childhood was abroad due to my father being in the army. Over the years I subsequently developed a way of coping in various situations. My way of dealing with this mainly was to avoid them in the first place as I felt selfconscious and didn’t want people asking questions. So I subsequently became anxious and stress in so many social situations. This self consciousness has led to what I would describe as a fight/flight response. There are many circumstances over the years where this behaviour has been continually repeated and almost impossible to control due to the anxiety and stress. Subconscious thoughts seemed to hinder me and limit the enjoyment of being in new places and meeting new people. I have had counselling, been on medication and I am sure my GP has been as frustrated as I have in not getting the problems resolved. My journey to find an answer to change the way I think and deal with various social interactions has been a long one and I am glad and proud to say the answer is using Thought Field Therapy/NLP and hypnosis. Since using Thought Field Therapy Since using thought field therapy there have been instant changes in my life, I feel happier and calmer. I feel in control and confident that the changes are for the best. The old thoughts about the way I look have gone. I am no longer self conscious, more self assured. The negative feelings associated with certain situations have gone and my outlook to life is always positive. I also find new ways of making things happen to achieve a positive outcome. This one treatment with Kevin has given me the tools to enable me to function at a new level, with confidence and with a relaxed state of mind… I hope many more people from all walks of life get the chance to use this wonderful technique and live life to the full… Many thanks!! Regards Richard