What people say about Kevin

I am a ‘Progressive therapy practitioner’ with a belief that you cannot change the past but you can use it and the wisdom it gives you to create a new and compelling future for yourself. I define progress as ‘seeing the same things differently’. If you have a problem or an issue that needs resolving, why would you ever want that to take longer than it has to? I employ a combination of proven psychological disciplines to enable you to get the outcome you want as rapidly as possible. I see the non-conscious mind as a DVD player. If you do not like the DVD that is playing my aim is to show you how to eject it and put in place a DVD that you would like to watch. Most therapies I see as talking about the DVD you don’t like and trying to rationalise or manage your feelings towards it. My approach is very different.  It is not about managing the issue or dealing with it, it is to get rid of it as soon as possible and to teach you how to keep it away.

There is a saying: “If it is true that your life flashes before you before you die, make sure it is something worth watching”

Call me now to see how I may help; “You have nothing to lose by talking”. Call me on 07803 161021. I am available for private therapy consultations in Harley Street, London and the Midlands (Shropshire). Consultations last up to one and a half hours each.

As a trainer…

I have invested much, in both time and revenue, training to become the best I can be as a therapist. As such I have a very well stocked ‘toolbox’ or as I prefer to see it a ‘toy box’. I use what works well for you, the client, to get you the outcomes you seek. I am accredited with many associations and abide with their code of ethics and good practice. I am underwritten by Towergate Insurers as both a practitioner and trainer. I practice what I teach and I teach what I practice and my trainings are all shown on my training pages on this site. I encourage you to also look at the DVD clips on this site to see how I work with clients and enable them to have a rapid resolution to their issues.